February 01, 2017

NH Supreme Court Avoids Holding Third Party Liable for Negligent Entrustment after Fatal Car Collision by Intoxicated Driver

Presented with an opportunity to expand or limit the scope of third party liability for impaired driving, the New Hampshire Supreme Court recently did neither, in a decision which raises significant questions but offers few answers.
January 01, 2017

MA Appeals Court Increases Pressure on Insurers to Promptly Settle Cases

The Massachusetts Appeals Court issued another in a series of decisions which increases pressure on insurers to settle cases where their insureds’ liability has become “reasonably clear.”
December 01, 2016

NH Supreme Court Finds Volunteer Worker to be an Insured under Employer’s Insurance Policy

The Supreme Court of New Hampshire recently issued an opinion in the case of Michael Newell v. Markel Corporation, et al., 2016 WL 3533495 N.H. (2016).
November 01, 2016

RI Supreme Court Narrows Scope of Discovery Regarding Testifying Experts

The Rhode Island Supreme Court recently issued a decision that significantly narrows the scope of materials exchanged during discovery relative to testifying experts.
October 01, 2016

CT Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Insurer’s Subrogation Rights

The Supreme Court of Connecticut ruled that workers’ compensation insurers are permitted to maintain equitable subrogation claims against third-party tortfeasors to recover benefits paid to injured employees on behalf of insured employers.